I need access to the source codes

Hi, where can I find the codes on the site specified at the address? The black screen opens on my server, but it doesn’t go on. Is this a paid system?

You can’t get access to the source code; it’s the prerogative of the creator whether they want to share that with the public or not. You can try looking at the JavaScript file in the page but it’s been minified.



Of course they don’t want to share. But look, I shared another website address. The same work exists there as well. How can I download this work? When I want to run it on my own computer, I get a black screen error.

Oh, wow! Thanks for bringing this up. That doesn’t seem ethical at all! With all due respect, I would rather not help you figure out how they might have stolen Lusion’s work.


How interesting. Does @edankwan know?


How can I download this project?

He may have already seen it, but I messaged him on Twitter to let him know regardless.


Call this the thread winner for 2020?

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This is an interesting ethics topic though. Three didn’t want to remove REVISION for a while so people could know a website was made with three and poke around it. But some times, people don’t want their code to be poked. Is this a good example of the issue, or if it’s online, it’s up for grabs?

You could can change the css of the body to background: red and you will get a red screen error.


:white_check_mark: Solution


It now says

We apologize. We Removed The Page Due To A Serious Problem.

Probably someone here reported the stolen site after your message :smiley:

Is this a paid system?

Basically, yes. You pay a developer to develop the website for you, and voila - it is up and runnig at your site. You can also try to pay a rogue developer to copy their site in a way that it works, but chances are someone is going to report you and the same takedown happens to your site after you paid to have it up and running, so you could essentially lose your money instead of saving them :wink:


so you are saying that if revision is not logged, people will not have an idea what engine the site is running, seriously?

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I want to use this design on the local server. I do not think there will be any problems since it will not be a commercial purpose and will not be open to the public. How can I run this content on my own server. can you help me?

I mean it is possible technically, but I am quite sure noone here will help. You need to try some places where the people have less respect for IP.

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If the manufacturer wants to sell this design for a fee, I want to buy it. but I guess it doesn’t sell.

Most likely they do not, but maybe they could make another one for you which is even better :smiley:

Seriously. Yes, i’m seriously saying that.

Of course, not without a reason, or better yet, it’s not me that’s saying it, just repeating what i’ve heard.

That line is very useful when helping people. If we allow them to hide that message and they have some iframe or require.js business going there is no way to know what version they’re using.

It is also useful in seeing where three.js is being used on the net.


You’re new here, so you don’t know :slight_smile: Don’t be surprised if this whole thread dissapears, or your messages disappear, or you get banned for making fun of these code stealing posts etc. I myself am glad that people like you have started to come here, i hope we can finally shape what “the community” is here :slight_smile:

no, I am aware of that discussion. but if you go to lusion / about link above that does not log revision, and just type THREE in the console, you will know. even if they used 3js as a module and there were no global THREE, you could ctrl+f the source for the strings from 3js GLSL which is typically not minified, and still know.

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In short, “do javascript” and you can… do javascript.

But that github thread is totally related. Is this why logs should not be suppressed, so people can steal other peoples websites?

what I am saying there is no way presence or absence of the logs does help to steal the code, or the opposite