I' m using TransformControls and crash

TransformControls.js:224 Uncaught TypeError: parentQuaternionInv.copy(…).invert is not a function
at THREE.TransformControls.updateMatrixWorld (TransformControls.js:224)
at e.updateMatrixWorld (three.min.js:2)
at ra.render (three.min.js:2)
at THREE.OrbitControls.render (Tactic:1479)
at THREE.OrbitControls.dispatchEvent (three.min.js:2)
at THREE.OrbitControls.update (OrbitControls.js:249)
at handleMouseMoveRotate (OrbitControls.js:513)
at onMouseMove (OrbitControls.js:940)
at HTMLDocument.onPointerMove (OrbitControls.js:794)

I’m having this error. I’m trying to execute the code of the example: three.js examples

The error indicates that the version of TransformControls does not match with the core.

Ok thanks. We are coding two persons and maybe we put files from different branches. We have to use the files of the same branch, no?

The files should be from the same release.