I have made clipping of spheres and added textures , but textures are applied as layers , I want that texture to filled in the sphere , can anyone help me with this?

Textures do not fill objects, they are like paint, that is put on the object surface. Objects are defined by geometries and are always hollow. When you cut a geometry, you need to add another geometry to fill in the gap. For a sphere, you can use RingGeometry:


Thank you so much

I tried applying texture for filling the gap between spheres using ring geometry , but texture is applied as plane color , can you please help me with this ?

Most likely there is a bug in your code. By looking at the image I cannot tell what the bug is.

When I apply a texture of small squares on the middle rings, the texture shows up fine:



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should you not be getting the gaps any way, since the tesselation would be a bit different between the ring and the sphere :sweat_smile: edit yep, here they are:
Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 01-18-07 Nested clipped spheres

These gaps are caused by the subdivisions when their number is not the same, or their starting angle is not aligned (code is modified, do you see gaps again).