I don't use FontLoader and TextGeometry

can anyone explain to me why i cant create 3d text with this property and method now.

It’s not clear to me what you are asking here.
Please add more details - also read this post on how to write a good question.



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Yes. I think they moved them, but I can’t find them, so I just put those files from previous versions into the old paths.

In certain constellations there are problems :frowning_face: when you mix different three.js versions. There may be warnings in the console.

I have given the new path in the linked post.

If you go to the documentation at https://threejs.org/, and type TextGeometry in the search there, it will take you to TextGeometry ( three.js docs ) .
At the bottom is the link to the source on Github - the path is shown.

Clicking there, you will see
three.js/examples/jsm/geometries/TextGeometry.js and the source.

When you download three.js, you have a folder examples with the corresponding subfolders.