How to zoom camera to decal?

I have This Example (credit for @Mugen87) - so as you can see the decals as being added to the Decals array, i’ve added a function that create list from the decals ( add decal and you will see it appear on the left corner) - i wonder what’s the approach to point the camera to the exact location of the pointer when selecting one, so suppose i’ve added decal on the back on the head - and i want to get back to it without rotating manually - so i can click on it’s name - and get correct position.
I guess the way involves saving the intersections also and then set the camera position … something like this :

click on decal name function : 
//intersectionaArr - store intersections
camera.position.set(intersectionaArr[index of the decal].normal);
camera.lookAt(intersectionaArr[index of the decal].point);
camera.updateProjectionMatrix ();

I have answered you at stackoverflow:

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