How to use raycaster without using mouse?

For the raycaster, it can use raycaster.setFromCamera, raycaster.intersectObjects those methods three.js docs, when the mouse picks the object, it can emits the rays and detect it. What if I don’t want to use the mouse click? My camera will be rotating, when the camera rotates to or face to the specific object, I want to receive it from raycaster.intersectObjects. How can I start with? Thanks.

To set ray by camera position (independent of mouse position), simply pass Zero-Vector2 as first parameter to setFromCamera(), or
instead use raycaster.set.

Like this:

var camDirection;
raycaster.set(camera.position, camDirection);

To trigger intersectsObjects, you can utilize change-event of OrbitControls.


function onCameraChange(evt) {
      var control =;

controls.addEventListener('change', onCameraChange);
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