How to Update the vertices after the cube is rotated

I want to update its 8 vertices after the cube I added is rotated ,I try to use verticesNeedUpdate,but no effect

Vertices have local values, by rotating mesh you don’t change them, so there is no need for the update.

if I want to get the verticles after the cube is rotated, what should I do? thanks

this.selectedCube.geometry.vertices, that will give you an array of vertices,
but if You want the rotated values, you can use:{
      return vert.clone().applyAxisAngle(new THREE.Vector3(0, 1, 0), rotateBasicDegree )

Looks feasible. Thank you very much.

I am facing issue in position shift of the cube after updating matrix to get cube vertices.

I want to update vertices after rotation / position applied on cube dynamically.

This is the code I am using to update matrix:

mesh.geometry.applyMatrix( mesh.matrix );

Same code i am using to update matrix for plane mesh too. In this case after updates plane position and rotation shifts are there.

I tried all below attributes to update dynamically but it did not work:

plane.verticesNeedUpdate = true;
plane.elementsNeedUpdate = true;
plane.morphTargetsNeedUpdate = true;
plane.uvsNeedUpdate = true;
plane.normalsNeedUpdate = true;
plane.colorsNeedUpdate = true;
plane.tangentsNeedUpdate = true;

If it is standard or hard coded cube / plane mesh then i am able to get the vertices but if i am changing the position / rotation and then calling update matrix to get updated vertices each time then it is creating issue in the position shift for the mesh.

Hi! Just out of curiousity, wouldn’t it be simplier to use
this.selectedCube.geometry.rotateY( rotateBasicDegree );

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I have used this method ,But the graphics I drew completely deviated from the original position.

Can you suggest how to write this after creating plane geometry / cube geometry how to use this code? Actually I am not aware of this. So I tried with the above code what i had mentioned in the previous reply.

How to get updated vertices of the mesh?

Yes, Same issue i also faced. Let me know if you have any solution for this issue. So that i can also try out.

Something like that?

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Gone through the code. Why the box geometry used there, Are you trying to get plane vertices using box geometry ? If so, please help me how to do that.

Is the above code is helpful to get plane vertices? I did not see related to plane vertices. If I am wrong please correct me, I am not fully aware of threejs.

If it is hardcoded plane , then i am able to get plane vertices . But to get dynamically it is not working.

Any chance to see what you try to achieve with a live code example and more clear explanation?