How to 'resize'/fix texture size for triplanar mapping

I am trying to implement tri-planar mapping but when sampling from a texture the texture seems way too small.

heres a picture(testing it out on one axis- z-axis). and closer look:

The Radius of my sphere is 32 units.
And heres my shader code so far,

void main() {

    // Triplaner UVs
    // .5 to center
    vec2 uvX = vWorldPos.zy + .5; // x facing plane
    vec2 uvY = vWorldPos.xz + .5; // y facing plane
    vec2 uvZ = (vWorldPos.xy + .5); // z facing plane

     // Albedo door texture map
     vec4 doorX = texture2D(uDoorImg, uvX);
     vec4 doorY = texture2D(uDoorImg, uvY);
     vec4 doorZ = texture2D(uDoorImg, uvZ);

    gl_FragColor = vec4(doorZ.rgb, 1.0);

When lowering the radius it gets bigger but need the sphere to be large so any help would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: