How to remove div element from css2d object

Hi I actually add the div element in css2d object in runtime and i also add the button and add listener with it. once I click that button then my remove functionality call and that div remove but once I do then it didn’t remove and existing in scene
let element=document.getElementById(;
here is my code of remove div element .the div which I created with css2d object and label renderer

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You are right but my code inheritance is to much which I can’t upload to show you live .Can you please tell me is there any way which I can detect the css2d object with the help of click listener?

Btw, welcome. :slight_smile:

I see you tried to make a code block with quotes. You need back ticks. This symbol: `

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if (true) foo();

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if (true) foo();

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No need for this code. is exactly the same as document.getElementById(

So this code is the same as your code:

function(event) {

However, we have no idea what you’re trying to do. You’re gonna have to post more details.

I actually tried to click on css2d works but the thing is when I click and try to remove the element then it didn’t remove and see text label in the scene.I actually want to detect the label which i click

css2dObject.domElement.addEventListener('click', () => {


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let div = document.createElement( 'div' );
div.className = 'label';
div.textContent = '+';
div.type='button';'label6'; = '-1em';
let label = new CSS2DObject( div );
childModel.add( label );

scope_AC.modeler.labelRenderer.setSize( innerWidth, innerHeight ); = 'absolute'; = '15px'; = 'none'

Here is my code which i add text label in runtime

div.onclick = () => div.remove()


yes its not working

It isn’t clear what you are trying to do, and we’re not gonna be able to help unless you can provide a small working example reproduction or better code that shows exactly what the problem is.

Here is an example you can start from: