How to reduce lag caused by Clicks


I have a problem with the onClick event. When someone spams it, there is some fps drop.
I feel like this event is a bit overkill as I don’t need to know where and on which mesh the player has clicked, everything is managed in a function that is in the callback. So I just need to know if the click has been clicked, nothing more (the user sees the environment in first-person view).
What is the best and most performant way to do that?

function doThings(props) {
   // Some codes
  const onClick = useCallback((e) => {
    const Pos = getIntersections()

  for (const cellId in data) {
    if (updatedCells.includes(cellId)) {
      const cellData = data[cellId]
      cellsMeshs[cellId] = (
        <mesh key={cellId} position={cellData.meshPos} onClick={onClick}>
      // Code continues...