How to plot various textures on geometry?

The map that I am attempting to create is isometric and is plotted in 44x44 pixel tiles. Each tile material is a loaded image.

Material with ID 1 might be reused at various x/y positions within the view. Material with ID 2 might only be used once. The same goes for any remaining tiles that need to be plotted.

I haven’t found anything in the docs that would be helpful and suggestions found on the web to use createMultiMaterialObject seem to be outdated.



Thanks for the attention. I’ll follow up here for conversation and accept the Stack answer once I’ve had an opportunity to test it out.

If you have only a single geometry and want to apply multiple materials on it

This leads me to the question, should I be using a single geometry for what I called the “map”. The map might be better described as “the ground” - along the lines of:

Should the ground be a single geometry with multiple materials in groups or is there and alternative, more efficient solution?