How to place 3D text along the object surface


I’m new on this forum. I’ve reading a lot of topic but nothing to really help me.
I search a solution to have 3d text along the object’s surface.
Actually with the decalGeometry i can put a text ( canvasTexture with font provide in css font-face .ttf).

As you can see, there is 2 majors problems. The first, the text is not aligned with the cap.
The second problem is the quality of the text. He’s blurry and pixelated.

For the first problem, after investigation, this is due to the mouseHelper orientation that i use. He is oriented like the targeted face. To align the text, I have to redefine the decal z orientation to zero. I don’t know no other solutions and I think it is not the good solution. Imagine this for the others sides (back, left, right) or another model in differente orientation. Not really good!
For the second problem, i have no idea but it’s not important because i would like to have a 3d text not a 2d texture projected.
Adding TextGeometry is easy but i’m not a expert to add text along the object surface.

How can i do that ?

Thanks in advance.

NB: I can put some code here because is too long. For the decalGeometry, i used the following threejs example webgl_decals

Maybe you should pick out the vertices from the cap’s geometry vertices. And project your text on the expand result of these vertices. the operation likes geometry’s uv used by texture mapping.


Ok but I’m not an expert in 3d and I don’t see how to do it.

Currently I am targeting only one vertex, that of the intersection between my line of sight and the cap. I use it to put the decal on the front of the cap. I can place TextGeometry at this point but the text is not oriented like the surface.
And I don’t know how to project the 3d text onto the surface.

NB: Possibly if I place a plane which cuts the front part of the cap I will obtain several intersection points and their corresponding vertex.