How to modify the color of a model beyond multiple planes?
As per this thread, what I want to use is two planes?
I refer to this case.
This is my demo, why doesn’t it work?


Can you elaborate on the effect you are trying to achieve, your example seems to replicate the reference you provided, you’re wanting to create multiple colour divisions on the mesh intersected?

Maybe I didn’t express it clearly, I just differentiated the color for the plane, but the part of the model that is beyond just wants the same color

Can you edit the photo I provided with a paint tool to demonstrate?



Is the left.
However, not just intersecting lines like the one on the left of your picture.
Treat multiple planes as a box, set the color beyond the plane boundary

Excuse me,Can someone help me?

Hi @a627247084

Have a look at this example

I expect model exterior color, not cropping

hey, yes,

as far as i can see, from line 98 you’ll need to correctly include shader parameters to mix the colour divisions of each plane “intersection” i gave this a rough start for you to get an understanding of what i’m refering to ( it’s not right but demonstrates the issue ). you will have to read on glsl dataTypes and output mixing :slight_smile:

hope this points you in the correct direction

EDIT: otherwise if that’s too much to get into, you could use the previous clipping example i shared with 2 identical geometries each with the colors you require and use opposing clipping on each to achieve the same effect with geometry :wink:

No, because I also have other clipping events in my scene

i just found this example that seems like the type of effect you were after, you should be able to mix this examples shader with the example i provided previously…