How to make earth surface 3D map like this picture

How to make earth surface 3D map like this picture.

Image From ScratchyCAD

The quick way is to use a use a strm heightmap as a displacement map on a SphereGeometry.

const sphereGeometry = new THREE.SphereGeometry(1, 720, 360);
const material = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial();
const texture = new THREE.TextureLoader().load("img/worldColour.5400x2700.jpg"); = texture;
const displacementMap = new THREE.TextureLoader().load("img/");
material.displacementMap = displacementMap;
material.displacementScale = .1;

Or use a gebco bathymetry image if you also want the ocean floor.

Alternatively, you can create a model at various resolutions in this Blender course.
and then export the model as obj, gltf, etc, or what ever suits your use case.


Thank you !