How to I add an image over an object?

So I have loaded my avatar and it consists of 5 parts. The legs, the arms, the torso, and the head. Now I have applied MeshBasicMaterials on them to give them color. Now I want to add an image over the objects, how do I do it? I want to add a face on the head, kind of like Roblox, how do I do it? If I remove the color image and apply the face, the image loads, but the background is black.

You normally apply a texture to it. To make this work you first have to ensure that your model has proper defined texture coordinates. It might be necessary to add them first in a respective DCC tool like Blender.

Don’t wprry about the coordinates, I can work them out. Can you give me an example to your solution?

There are many existing Blender tutorials that explain how to author texture coordinates.

The simplest demo for applying a diffuse texture to a material is: