How to have a pop-up text like questions or text-field on a touch-point

I’m currently creating a game using react-three-fiber and I want to implement a touch-point that has pop-up questions or text that will be answered by the player. Already done with the touchpoints but Im stuck creating a pop-up that corresponds to the touchpoints.

Any examples will be a big help. Thanks!

in react-three-fiber you can use the <Html /> component from drei:

the contents of it are regular html and move with the 3d object you place it into. you can of course also use components in there, like any pop-up control that you like: antd, materialdesign, etc. this way you don’t have to deal with css2drenderer, pumping dom nodes somewhere, which also cuts you off component libs or at least makes it very tiresome to use them.


it’s using <Popconfirm /> from antd: