How To Get Vertex position of morph mesh?

I am only getting vertex positions of mesh but after changing morphTargetInfluences vertex positions are still same. How to get updated position of mesh vertex?

     const points = new THREE.Points(group[i].geometry, pointsMaterial);
   = "Temp";
            points.morphTargetInfluences = group[i].morphTargetInfluences;
            points.morphTargetDictionary = group[i].morphTargetDictionary;

Here Points are showing on perfect location of face but when you print points location no updated vertex location

I have similar question. Is It even possible? To find vertex position after Morph? Or can we turn It to buffer geometry?

Try with computeMorphedAttributes.

Thanks for the answer. But I have other question. Not sure how to ask this. I tried this example three.js/examples/webgl_morphtargets.html at d04539a76736ff500cae883d6a38b3dd8643c548 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub
I think geometry.computeMorphedAttributes() or mesh.computeMorphedAttributes() the result is the same to spherePositions. If I use the array for buffer geometry, the result is not a sphere. What I want is make a sphere from buffer geometry.
Edit: Sorry I edit this. now I know what I want. From that spherePositions I want to create separate squares to build a sphere. How to do that?

Thaks again. To make a sphere for now I do to ut manualy. Explained here three.js docs . To create It from squares shape, we duplicate vertices because each vertex needs to appear once per triangle. To create buffer geometry of a sphere from morphed cube, probably it’s simple and possible to write the formula. Not sure if more complex all quads geometry.