How to draw text whose size does not change with distance?

I use TextGeometry to draw the text, but this does not seem to meet my needs. Do you know any other methods?

hello ,
in my case, when there is no need to have a 3d text , i use a simple divtex ( position absolute ) a put after the canvas and i can move according if i switch size of render .

fenetre.insertBefore(document.body.removeChild( renderer.domElement ),messageattente);
fenetre.insertBefore(document.body.removeChild(divText ),messageattente);
section.appendChild(document.body.removeChild(nav)); = “absolute” ;

document.body.appendChild(fenetre.removeChild( renderer.domElement )); document.body.appendChild(fenetre.removeChild(divText));
document.body.appendChild(section.removeChild(nav)); = “absolute” ;

So your text is directly manipulated div or dom?

I thought of this method before, but we have a lot of text, and the location will always be updated, I am worried that there will be performance issues

so the solution could be CSS2DRenderer ( you can put several label which can keep same size at the screen , even if you scroll , move etc ) three.js docs see example three.js examples , three.js examples

or CSS3DRenderer three.js docs

CSS2DRenderer seems to be controlled by dom, but I haven’t tried these two methods yet.

I’ll give it a try. Thank you~