How to drag a css2Object attached to a 3D object with the mouse?

Hi everyone,

What I’have done :

1 - With a drag event attached to a div, I changed the HTML/CSS value. But the div is not moving :

I guess the update function keep the css translate value from the 3D object value. By not changing the value from the 3D object, the html won’t change anyway (or for 1 frame).

2 - Change the css2Object position directly from the 3d object property:

In this case, I change the position of the Css2 Object with a Vector3().
But the problem is how to apply a 2D position (mouse position) to a 3d position (Css2 Object in a 3D world) ?

What I think, is to add a TransformControls to the css2Object but the css2Object behave as a 3D object but it’s not a 3D object.

What should I do ?

As this example, I just want to move the label with the mouse. click and move the label where I want.

This question should be answered here: