How to do 2D drawing efficiently in the canvas?


I’m making a HUD and I need 2D drawings on the screen. The problem is that I need to update their attribute every frame (>60fps) with data from other object that are in the threejs canvas.
Is there a way to efficiently draw SVG like object directly inside the Canvas?.

I don’t know if that is what you are looking for but there is

Here is a little demo I did with 2d drag and drop and report to 3d canvas

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I finally did it with SVG.
I created a useRef in the parent component, I send it to the svg to be his ref on one side, and to the canvas on the other side. I directly modified the ref attributes in a useFrame in the canvas.

you can use drei/Html to have html in your threejs scene, where you can manipulate it. but there’s also tunnel-rat GitHub - pmndrs/tunnel-rat: 🐀 Non gratum anus rodentum which allows you to tunnel from threejs into the dom.

threejs also has an svg loader btw, converts it to meshes.

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