How to create this kind of mirror texture effect?

Hi! I’m currently trying to recreate this sort of mirror effect (something like having a texture applied to the background and the object being “transparent” and deriving its texture from the background itself):

I’ve tried using the CubeTexture envmap, with suboptimal results - here’s the fiddle:

There are a couple of problems with this: first, the envMap seems to be moving a LOT faster than I’d like it to compared to the original, and second, having to use CubeTexture forces me to square the original texture down, which doesn’t have a square shape:

Here’s the square one, just in case:

I appreciate all the help/advice I can get on how to tackle this issue, thank you!

It doesn’t seem like a mirror, no real-time reflections etc. It should be enough to use MeshStandardMaterial and apply the texture as MeshStandardMaterial.envMap.

So basically this example (source code), just don’t set opacity to 0.5 - leave it at default 1.0.

If you’re strong about making it an actual mirror - take a look at this example. But it seems like a great overkill for what’s on the video :’)

In that case the texture still seems to be moving a bit too fast, I’ve come up with another potential solution though - just applying the texture to a standard BoxGeometry and then offsetting it inside the render loop, that way I can control it’s speed aswell as it’s direction. The problem is that the with a BoxBufferGeometry the texture seems to get applied to every side individually, whereas I need all the horizontal sides to “share” a single one if that makes sense. What’s the optimal way of achieving that?

Edit: Also yes, I realize it’s not a mirror, just didn’t know what else to call it :^)