How to create perspective scene like this


Somebody can help me to understand how this perspective scene is done : Cépages d'Alsace  •  Hinderer & Wolff

I just want understand how the differents blur effect are done ? (what is 3d, what is 2d )


It’s actually just some images, see here or here, no runtime blur effect in Three.js it seems. You can examine those in the Sources tab from Chrome’s Developer Tools.

@Yin_Cognyto thanks, I have found all of the pieces of the scene, and loaded the meshes.glb. So I can see how it’s done !

You right, it is just some planes each behind with images on it, the perspective is simple but efficient.

Excellent! Yeah, sometimes doing things in a simple way is just as effective as doing it the hard way, so in that case choosing the former is a no brainer.

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