How to create bounding geometry of gltf model?

I want to create a bounding geometry like a collision for my gltf model. Example this sink, I want to border all mesh like this
it must be filled all holes, the current geometry does not fill it


Please help me to resolve this. Thank you

Maybe it calls “ConvexHull”:
three.js docs

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thank you, but it seems not to border the model

this is my model after apply convex, not same as my expectation

Convex hulls are often used for accelerated physics or raycasting, as they can be more efficient than using the original mesh. Convex means that, like shrinkwrap, they stretch over concave areas of the source mesh.

If you’re trying to create a tighter outline around the mesh, a common method is to create a copy of the mesh, invert it (material.side = THREE.BackSide), and scale it up very slightly: