How to click on a cube, and make it rotate, (on click)


I have this page:
many cubes that I can drag, to discover a “re diamond”
the red diamond is a dodecahedron, in the center
I would like to know how to make the “red diamond” start spinning when click
you can see the full code here:

thank you for your help…


What have you tried? Have you learned about mouse events?

Thank you marquizzo: I will read that page.
never knew how that works…
I will study that

I read it, but honestly it’s too advanced for me. Is there any - very simple - example.
maybe just a cube and when click go to another URL, or something like that.
like a button on HTML or CSS
but simple, I am really beginner on this, the mouse events has way too much for me at this time.

you can add raycaster functionality when we click on glb model it will rotate