How to calculate the intersection world coordinates of the screen bounds by a vector going beyond the camera view to draw point?

I want show dots near at the screen(camera) bounds, which indicates objects outsdide of the camera fov. Similar to games where indicators show path to the location or NPC.

Camera view yellow square. And triangles are objects that locates outside of camera view.

Take a look at Frustum – three.js docs ( Using traversal you can determine if an object is inside or outside the cameras view.

However, I would suggest you just used screen space (window) coordinates to determine if the triangle is within 0, 0, width, height

Triangles are indicators (or arrows) of the direction to which user will rotate camera with mouse to object outside the camera view, not actually objects in camera view. I didn’t see any methods Frustrum. I think i need method like projectAtNearPlane(object.position - camera.position) (or projectAtCameraDirectionPlane(object.position - camera.position) i don’t know) and this method will return sreen space coodinates where i will draw triangle.