How to bend a plane?

I am new to three js development.

I am planing to build a card game with three js.
One of the things I wanted to add to this game is;

Player to lift a corner or the edge of the playing card and peek at the card face.
In games like poker, players do this to keep the card face hidden from other players.

Can something like this be done with three js?

Can you guys give me some directions on how to do something like this?

I think i would give morph targets a try since the process of lifting or bending a card is usually animated. You can use a modeling tool like Blender to create your card and the respective animations.


^ +1 to creating the effect in Blender, then exporting. Even if you don’t want a keyframed animation, creating the morph target (or shape key) in Blender first will let you gradually apply the “bend” effect in response to user input by changing the morph target influence from 0-1. Note you will need to subdivide the plane into small enough pieces to have a realistic bend.

Thank you for your help