How to apply one image texture to connected faces

I want to map image texture on mesh.
The texture map should be applied according to the curve of the faces like following:

However, if I apply map to each material of face, it looks like following:

If I change center and offset of map, it looks like following:

Is there any idea?
Thank you in advance!


The usage of decals could possibly solve your issue. There is a live example that demonstrates this feautre: three.js webgl - decal splatter

There is however a fundamental problem in the current implementation which is discussed at GitHub:

The projected decal is distorted right now when the projector is placed above steep changes of vertex data. It works best for flat surfaces. So you might need a custom enhancement for your use case.

Many thanks for the good information.
I tested how to apply decal you adviced me to multi meshes.
I tried uv-mapping from Blender and texture mapping to exported multi meshes.
I think it could be another way for this. :slight_smile: