How to Access to glTF blender camera?

Hi, I’m new to programming and need help rendering from a camera into a glTF file exported from Blender. I would appreciate any help.

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Hi @Yohigo
To get started you need to know at least javascript … and also to continue.
The more you know javascript the better.

In order to have a correct gltf export from Blender I suggest blender official documentation

You need to know the fundamentals, just to get started with threejs

And here you find the answer to your question
and to use a blender camera

var loader = new GLTFLoader();

function ( gltf ) {
    camera = gltf.cameras[ '0' ]; //if you have one camera or you need the first

//your other code

    gltf.animations; // Array<THREE.AnimationClip>
    gltf.scene; // THREE.Group
    gltf.scenes; // Array<THREE.Group>
    gltf.cameras; // Array<THREE.Camera>
    gltf.asset; // Object


Then there are the examples, and many use gltf files

Surely by starting with these links you will find on your own many ideas on where to further deepen.

in addition @hofk collected many examples, all very useful.

good job

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Hi Alessandro, yes, I still need to go a long way and I appreciate the guidance and the answer to my question.

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