How the SpotLight works?

I have a model in my scene.
Now I need to add a SpotLight from the top of the model.
I set the position of both.
But SpotLIght doesn’t light!
I add a helper for SpotLight to figure out what’s happening.

Positions are right. But I don’t understand what is the problem.
This is how I added my light:

const light3 = new THREE.SpotLight(0xFFFFFF, 2.00, 0, 0.400);
light3.position.set(0, 1000, 0); = "top_light";
light3.castShadow = true;

const spotLightHelper = new THREE.SpotLightHelper(light3);

Note: the brightness of the car is because of envMap, not lights.

Thanks for your help.

Can you share a live demo with your work of progress so far? Maybe as a git repository?

A lot of things can go wrong here so it’s best to provide some debug possibilities.

Thanks for your reply.
I decided don’t use SpotLight at this moment due to the deadline.
So, sharing a repo can’t help so much.
But, what is the difference between adding lights to the camera and the scene?
Does it cause this effect?

If you are adding lights to the camera, it is mandatory to add the camera to the scene. Otherwise the lights do have no effect.