How does one use Drei Instancing with Merged?

I’ve been trying to instance my imported gltf and I managed tto use Merged from drei to piece the nodes together. However, Ii can’t see to instances it. I tried following the shoes example, but that example is using one mesh without Merged from drei, so it’s confusing. right now, my current code is not working and I don’t know enough about merged to even begin to get it working. Please help. Here’s what’s throwing an error so far:

export default function PlayGound() {
  useFrame(({ scene, clock }) => {});

  let { nodes } = useGLTF("/smallPlant.glb");

  return (
      <ambientLight />
      <OrbitControls />

      {/* this line "instance is causing the error and other than that, I have no idea how to instance a "merged" mesh */}
          <Merged meshes={nodes}>
            {(obj) => (
                {Object.entries(obj).map((o, i) => {
                  let Y = o[1];
                  //returning piece of object
                  return <Y key={i} />;