How do you "translate" a scene towards the right of the browser without changing perspective?

I have a regular globe visualization with a globe at 0,0,0 and an equally centered camera pointing directly at it. It’s a full width & full height visualization.

Everything is great… except now I need to “offset” everything to the right of the screen, so that the “center” is more like at x:75%.

And I don’t want to double the width of my threeJS project and use CSS to offset it, because then there will be a bunch of stuff being rendered out of view, which seems wasteful.

Is there a way to somehow translate/shift a scene within the view?

Hm. One option is to move the camera to the left. Or move the scene to the right (the scene is an Object3D, so it has position property). This might pop-up some troubles if you have camera rotations or orbit controls.

Another alternative is demonstrated in this official example – you can make a “window” inside the canvas and Three.js will render there.