How do you guys set objs' position in scene AFAP?

Just curious if there is a better way to do this thing: set the position of the model after I load it. Right now what I usually do is, just


and I repeatly do this for at least 5 times (more than that much for most of the time) to do minimal adjustments, until it looks good to me. For example, I will try a general position like (200, 5, 0), then adjust the x value from 210, 220, 215…

I feel sick of this, in Unity I just drag it to wherever I want it to be, in like 5 seconds. How do professional/experienced three.js developer do this?

Thank you all.

Depening on the project you’re making, this is usually when a level editor comes in handy (which you can make yourself, or use the threejs editor, or make levels in blender for example)

Also, make consistent use of unit conversions. For example if 1 unit in threejs is 1 meter, it becomes a lot easier to “guesstimate” positions of objects.

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thx for answering and for the advice. I’ve seen you and @Qiumeng12 talking about the three.js editor, going to figure that out. :))

I’m guessing that I could upload my project and try to setup everything online?Is that the point of using this online editor? It kinda looks like unity’s interface too, with those XYZ axises.

You can adjust the position of the object, the material, and then export the project.

I see, thank you brother!