How do i create a circle wall with a entrance


I write the following code,but its missed 2 faces, more like a tube,not a wall.
I know its just a 2D closed line not face , but i really dont know how i make this happen

        const points = [
			new THREE.Vector2(4,0),
			new THREE.Vector2(5,0),
			new THREE.Vector2(5,2),
			new THREE.Vector2(4,2),
			new THREE.Vector2(4,0)

		let geometry = new THREE.LatheGeometry(points,600,0,1.9*Math.PI);
		let material=new THREE.MeshLambertMaterial({
		let mesh=new THREE.Mesh(geometry,material)

what can i do to make this looks like a wall?
I tried extrudeGeometry directly but my mesh closed automatically looks like this
I set the end to 1.5π to show mesh automatically close

here’s the code

    let shape = new THREE.Shape()
	let path = new THREE.Path()
    const extrudeSettings = {
	steps: 2,
	depth: 1,
	bevelEnabled: false,

    let geometry = new THREE.ExtrudeGeometry(shape,extrudeSettings)
    let material = new THREE.MeshLambertMaterial({
	color : color,
	side : THREE.DoubleSide
    let mesh  = new THREE.Mesh(geometry,material)

I tried extrudeGeometry with extrudeCruve but the ArcCurve is 2D curve,the extrudeCruve require 3D curve

any tips would be appreciated

As an option: Clipping Planes Problem - Radial reveal only half way - #16 by prisoner849

Awesome !!!This is exactly what I want,huge thanks!!!