How do I contribute a fix back to FBXLoader?


I have a customer who sells multi-animation FBX files on their website. Each fbx file contains more than 500 animations (each with its own section header) sometimes and it needs to be in order so that the user can then look at them without going insane.

At the moment, the FBXLoader stores all the AnimationStack’s in a javascript object, because of which AnimationStack’s are sorted by their id and not the way they are present in the file. This mixes up the complete order of animation clips in the final list that we get post file load.

To fix this I propose using arrays instead of object’s for AnimationStack property both in ASCII and Binary formats of FBX. I see that the same has been done for “poseNode” property.

I have made fixes for the same in the FBXLoader.js. Do you think this would be a valid fix to contribute back to three.js source code? If so, how do I go about contributing this code back to three.js?

Please let me know.



If you are interested in providing a fix for FBXLoader, it’s best to open a pull request at GitHub :+1:

Hi Michael,

Sure I shall do that. Do I need to also create an issue before creating a pull request ? Or is that not necessary ?

No it’s not. You can file a PR right away.

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Great. I shall do that

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