How can I use Raycaster with react three fiber?

I want to detect clicks outside of the model that’s why I need raycaster to use. When I click out of the model I need to reset the camera. I found documention for threejs but dont know how can I do that with react three fiber?

it has pointer events inbuilt, you normally don’t need raycasting. if you do need want to raycast yourself, use it in the exact same way as you always would, that goes for everything else, too — three-fiber really is only three.


<mesh onClick={() => console.log("you clicked me")} ... />
<mesh onPointerMissed={() => console.log("you clicked, but not me")} ... />
<Canvas onPointerMissed={() => console.log("you clicked, but hit nothing at all")} ... />

you can also have events at the group or scene level since pointer events are modelled after the dom, they can bubble up. that means you can group or wrap multiple meshes and put handlers on the group. you get the hit object as event.object and the source of the event (the group) as event.eventObject

const { scene } = useGLTF(url)
return <primitive object={scene} onClick={(e) => console.log("you clicked",} />

here is a real world example of pointers being processed at the group-level as well as clicks outside Shoe configurator - CodeSandbox

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This really helped me a lot. My issue is solved. Thank you so much