How can i repeat transition effect

Hi all. How can i repeat such type of transition like ?

What exactly do you mean “repeat” :thinking: ? Generally, you can get such effect by making the position of camera dependent on the mouse scroll (ex. lerping the camera position along a curve or between two points, based on how far user has scrolled)

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Rainbow strips transition in? image

I apologize for the inaccurate wording of the question. i mean - transition of material with Click on some objects like table lamp

Something like THREE.Raycaster + GSAP/tween.js + modified material(s).

For some ideas, have a look at this post: How to combine gradient shader material with mesh origin material - #4 by prisoner849

Its shader in file build.js which changes lightmap color from coordinates like circle. But obfuscated and need to use and then code of shader will be:

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