How can I make a tube and bend it in run time

Sorry for bother you guys but I am kind of bad in Math, I want to make like a tube and bend it using curve radius in a run time giving some inputs data like angle and distance.

Some one have an idea where and how to start?


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Maybe these conversations can get you started in the right direction:

Also, I think @prisoner849 might be able to chime in with other good examples. :wink:

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Another option:

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If it is a constant bending radius, or any other bending whose position and rotation offsets can be expressed in closed form, you can have a transform in the vertex shader that takes a straight, axis-aligned tube and transforms it to the desired bend, before applying the projectionMatrix*modelViewMatrix. Ideally, you will also find a way to transform normals. (I don’t know how to do that for any specific case, and certainly not for the general case.)

Maybe there’s something for you :question:
Comments unfortunately only in German, but easy to translate with ( I always take).
to the addon see THREEf geometries and Addon. Produces almost infinite many time-varying geometries with functions