How can I achieve selective glow with custom model?

Hello guys, I am new to three js and I am trying to recreate the bloom effect for the bowtie model
I want to achive this type of edge glow while keep other objects on the scene without glow effect
Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 23.33.36

I have this model
Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 23.34.21

And I have created a separated edge object that I think can be converted to the bloom object

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 23.36.17

I have tried the selecteive bloom example, but this is overcomplicated for beginner. Could you please provide some really simple example let’s say with two objects, one with glow and one without?
I also thinking maybe it is easier to achive with shaders?

thank you in advance

don’t worry about the official example.

Thank you, I was able to achieve this effects with pushing colors beyond 1, but is it possible to make the edges more smooth and make the pixels on the edge have less opacity than closer to the center of the curve?
Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 23.23.31

you probably forgot target.samples = 8