How can I achieve a blended look between LOD's?

Hello, in the three js project I am working on I am using levels of detail (lods) for performance and I like the look of the mountains being even more low poly while far away.
My issue is that there are gaps in the terrain from the different quality levels and as I get closer the lods seem to be popping in.
Notice that in this short video clip you can blatantly see the levels of detail changing as I go closer to the ground.

In this screenshot, you can see the gaps formed because of the difference in terrain quality.

What I’m trying to achieve would be something where they smoothly blend like in this video, you may need to go fullscreen to see it fully.

Is this possible to do simple or do I need to code my own type of lod system that blends the terrain better?

The only similar solution that I could find in three js was this

Thanks for any help!

Did you see @Mugen87’s answer to that Stackoverflow post? He shows how to use blend between LODS.