Hot to get pop up(modal) after clicking on the object? [Solved]

Hello Members,
I have loaded 2 .obj file. After clicking on object I want to display pop up message near to that obj. In that pop up i want to display unique name or id.

Check code

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Just out of curiousity, do you offer to write all the code for you?
Did you try to use THREE.Raycaster()? There are many questions and answers on Stackoverflow about the thing you ask.

Besides, r71 was good for the time when it was released, but then Three.js was seriously improved and from my point of view it’s better to use its latest revision (r88).

@prisoner849, I cant use r88, I am in last of the stage, for that I have to modify my code. I searched in Stackoverflow but not getting for Loaders

Okay, r71 has THREE.Raycaster(), so you can use it.

@prisoner849 Yes I am trying using rayCaster, pls check my code once, i gave link in my question

If “trying using rayCaster” means just to instantiate a raycaster, then it’s not enough. Please, take a look at the official examples of how to interact with objects in a scene

@prisoner849, Ok sir… Thank You… :slightly_smiling_face:

@prisoner849, I tried like this but not working modified code

Could you, please, take a look at examples more attentively?

Check this jsfiddle.

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@prisoner849 Its fine for me, Now I can replace alert and add modal… thank You very much sir :slightly_smiling_face::smiley:

@prisoner849, I want this code U removed from jsfiddle

Try to combine your code with mine yourself.

Yes, I m doing different task , I will work on it soon, I copied code, now u can remove

sir pls check my new question.