Hiding some scene objects for one camera

I have a scene that should be displayed with two cameras (one camera – object design view, another – object preview).
The trick is – one camera (preview) must NOT display some scene’s objects as they are incomplete yet, other camera (design view camera) must display all of them so user can interact with them.

The question is: is it possible to have only one scene and hide some objects for selected camera?

I can only think of changing the positions of such objects (to be far away from the camera for example) when I render ‘preview’ camera view and move them back when I render ‘design’ camera view. Should I expect any glitches with constant changing positions of these objects here and there?


P.S. Right now I have two slightly different scenes. However, it is a bit messy as I need to sync objects and cameras’ view angles.

Found object property ‘visible’.
Changing it for incomplete objects before rendering scene for every camera. Just wondering if this is a right way?

You should use layers.


Thanks for pushing me to the right directions.
Works fine.

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