[Help] How to split 3d model to separated parts?

Hi guys!
I’m looking on how I can split imported object (FBX) to array of separated objects.
I’m newby in graphic, so I’ll be really grateful for your patience and help!

I recommend to do this type of modelling task in a content creation tool like Blender. three.js does not provide a high-level API for selecting and modifying certain parts of a geometry (vertices/edges/faces). You would have to write all this code by yourself which is a challenging task even for experienced developers.

So try to prepare your assets in a content creation tool and then load them into your app. If you are going to create your app from scratch, use glTF instead of FBX in order to achieve a more performant asset delivery. glTF is the recommended 3D format of three.js. Read the following guide for more information:


A little teaser: There is a glTF exporter for Blender. So you can import your FBX files, perform your modeling tasks and then export your work as glTF. You can then use GLTFLoader in order to load your assets into your three.js app.

You can watch this guy’s project, he already implemented editing faces, edges, vertices