Having problems with GSAP durations

I’m having a problem with the gsap animation duration of controls.target in my scene.
See the codepen here:
NEW Three.js animation test (codepen.io)

The first time an animation is run (clicking one of the buttons to the left), everything works fine. The durations of controls.target (1.5 seconds), and the camera.position (2 sec) work correctly.
After that if a button is pressed, the animation is rushed. It seems like the duration of controls.target is being ignored and the entire thing is compressed into the duration of camera.position.
I’ve tried adding a delay and it doesn’t make a difference. The duration of controls.target is still rushed. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?

Another thing I’ve noticed is once an animation finishes, if you manually move the camera from the position in front of a ball, and then press a button for the camera to move to a different ball, sometimes the duration works again.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.

it is not ignored, the target just passes by really close to the camera, and it feels like whoosh because the angular speed goes very high for a brief moment. you can check that by setting the target tween duration to like 10 while keeping the other one 2 - you will see the camera slowly rotating even after getting into the final position.

I appreciate the input, but that’s not it. If you comment out the camera.position code you will see the full duration of the controls. Target rotation.
Also, if you uncomment the delay (in ballOne) you will see the rotation move even faster.