Has the type of point in the geometry changed?

When I use the curve and the stretch to generate the geometry, I access the point inside the geometry, sometimes it’s an array type, sometimes it’s a vector3 type, but I can finally get the type I want, but when I access it in the top js fileWhen it is obtained, is it always an array type?Has anyone encountered this situation?Or what would cause this?

I got an array in another js file.

What I need is Vector3
How to ensure that he is always a Vector3

The parameters object holds the parameters that you have defined the extrusion with. The geometry is what is sent to the GPU. If you want changes to have effect, you need to modify the geometry. (If you need a different extrusion, you will probably have to make a new geometry.)

By using ExtrudeGeometry instead of ExtrudeBufferGeometry, you will have access to vertex positions as vectors, but this is not the modern, recommended solution. Instead, to loop over vertices of a BufferGeometry as vectors, you can instead make a single THREE.Vector3 instance and use its fromArray and toArray methods.

if (Array.isArray(he)) doSomething1()
else if (he instanceof Vector3) doSomething2()