🎸 Guitar Hero inspired game created with Three.js - tarheelhero.com

Hi guys, I made a rhythm-based game similar to Guitar Hero called Tar Heel Hero. This is my first game with Three.js, and it was created as a research project for game accessibility. I hope you enjoy!

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ok, I suppose this should work on mobile, but on desktop it is not easy to hit themmoving the mouse. consider keyboard version, maybe. also, you probably should not do fixed step but rather do it time-based, or else the tempo might be weird


I like the idea of making the notes time-based, thanks! Currently working on the mobile version, but keys (a-g) work on desktop as well

ah I did not notice it saying so anywhere, sorry

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Yeah, time-based is a good idea. Regarding keyboard controls, even though A-F work good, the G for the thumb is really uncomfortable to me.
With that said, I’ve never played guitar or guitar hero, so this is pretty cool :smiley:

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