Group inside Group

Hi all. Is it posible to have a Group placed inside another Group? I’m trying the make the following Group work:

I’m pushing the nested the Group like this:

const glbObject = gltf.scene;
const objectToReplaceParams = child.clone();

const { x, y, z } = objectToReplaceParams.position;
glbObject.position.set( x, y, z );
glbObject.position.y += 200;

object.children[ 0 ].add( glbObject );

But the meshes belonging to that Group do not appear in the scene. I tried using the wireframe property to see if they were put inside the parent Group, but it does not seem like they are anywhere.

unclear to me what you’re trying to do, it’s not really visible from the code you posted, but of course, any group can be placed into another.