Golf Adbreak Championship (threeJS, cannonJS and Phaser)


We recently launched a game to promote the release of the 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI in Australia.

The game is webGL based and built on a stack that uses threeJS for the 3D rendering, cannonJS for physics, Phaser for the HUD and pre/post game screens, and the whole thing is hosted on Google’s cloud platform for scalability since it’s being promoted via TV commercials with a live element.

The Golf Adbreak Championship can be played in 2 modes:

PRACTICE - take the new Volkswagen Golf GTI for a spin around 3 iconic Australian landscapes.

CHAMPIONSHIP RACE - scan the QR code displayed on specially aired TVCs during selected timeslots to instantly start racing and go into the draw to win the latest GTI.

Play the game at

Watch the hype reel video: Golf Ad Break Championship Hype Reel: DDB Group Sydney x Volkswagen - YouTube

Promo PDF:

If anyone is interested in this and wants to know more, please give me a shout any time.

Billy Deakin
Lead Developer
Art Of Play Games