GLTF Loader Import causes three.module.js to fail importing

I have read a lot of posts but I can not get the GLTF Loader to import for the life of me. When I try loading in the one from js it gives me the error SyntaxError: import not found: GLTFLoader. Then When I try loading in the ones from jsm it gives the error message Loading failed for the module with source “file:///home/blaze/build/three.module.js”. It’s bugging me because I need to load GLTF objects for my project and I have tried reading a lot of posts on it and nothing seems to help. I have my three.module.js from the three dev branch as well to see if that would help. My HTML file is pretty long and needs to be refactored but here it’s ProceduralCity.html (45.5 KB) and here is jsfiddle link to it here is picture to show how I set up my file structure fileSetup.
Hopefully, that helps with all my code and thanks to any help given in advance

I’ve update your fiddle so the dependencies are now loaded correctly (from the official three.js repository):

A minor thing, but I would advise trying to do imports from a versioned URL like if you’re going to rely on a remote host for them.


sorry of the late response but thanks @Mugen87 that worked perfectly