Gltf files not loading on web server


I’m having trouble getting gltf files to load on the web…

Everything works fine on a local server, models load and everything behaves as expected. Problems occur when I put the models online - they don’t load and give a 404 error.

Here’s a link to the site to show the problem I’m having:

I’ve tested the models in online model viewers too. All work fine.

Any ideas please?? I’m stuck!

Well, I can see the 404 on the browser console, yes. Unfortunately, this is something that you have to debug by yourself. Ensure to put your assets in the correct directory of your web server.

BTW: Your website logs the following runtime error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined

It seems you are using jQuery without including the library.

Thanks for such a quick response and advise on the JQuery library… Any suggestions on how to debug, when everything gltf wise works perfectly well locally?

That depends on the way you are hosting your assets. What kind of backend solution are you using?

Backend solutions are something that I don’t know very much about at the moment, so I’m afraid I’m out of my depth here, but…

A quick search through led to this: and Nginx are the framework and servers. Do I have to have anything specific set up in terms of databases (or anything else) for use with gltf files?

Sorry, it posted to the site, as opposed to the specific link I entered… Hope the other info makes sense though

Sorry, I don’t know that. This could be a mime type related problem but this is just a wild guess. Maybe it’s better to post a question at stackoverflow about this issue.

Great, thanks for your help and time. I’ll ask there